Dropbox migration; Cloud migration to premise


by Lusine Kolozyan


Today, we’re announcing the latest version of Nava Certus. With this release, we bring support for migration to and from Dropbox as well as migration from cloud storage to local premise servers.

We’ve been hard at work trying to realize our goal of making Nava Certus synonymous with cloud storage migration. If you have a request for a particular source or destination, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dropbox Migration

Dropbox is now available both as a migration source and destination. Some of the use cases for this are:

  • Migration from local filesystem to Dropbox
  • Migration from Dropbox to Google Apps and vice-versa
  • Migration from Dropbox to Amazon S3
  • Migration from Dropbox back to premise

Do you have a different Dropbox migration use case? Let us know.

Cloud migration to premise

We realize that organizational cloud computing strategies can change over time. What made sense a few years ago may not anymore. For this reason, we’d like to ensure that you’re not locked in and married to your cloud provider. Combined with the document conversion feature introduced in NC 1.1, we can now support a full migration and back-up of Google Apps data in an independent format.

Use cases to consider:

Change in Cloud Strategy

You have a new IT executive and he/she wants nothing to do with the cloud. Or perhaps you’ve merged (or been acquired) by a company that doesn’t subscribe to the cloud mentality. Far too common from our experience. Problem? No problem!

Disaster Recovery

You like your cloud storage, but want to ensure that you still retain your data in a disaster that may affect the cloud provider. Consider the case of Nirvanix, a cloud storage company that went belly-up and gave its customers a few weeks notice to migrate their data. Similar incidents are a reminder that whatever your solution for data storage, you should always have a backup plan.

Data Liberation

We love Google Docs. If your company is using Google Docs, then most likely you too are aware of the immense power and efficiency that real-time collaboration on documents brings. As you may also know, Google Docs is not an open format. Coupled with the conversion feature, Nava Certus can export docs out of Google in various formats such as Open Office, MS Word, and PDF.

So go ahead and give Nava Certus a try already. As always, there is a 1GB free trial (for 5 days). Make them count!