Nava Certus 1.1 – Migrate from Google, File Conversion


by Lusine Kolozyan


Nava Certus

Over the past month, we’ve been working on a few new features for Nava Certus. After a lengthy period of testing, we’re happy to finally announce Nava Certus 1.1

The main features in this release include:

Google Drive Source

Many new use cases are enabled with the addition of the Google Drive Source feature, such as:

  • Inter-domain Google Drive migration: In some circumstances, it is necessary to transfer Google Drive data from an account in one domain to another. For instance, consider a merger where two companies are using Google Apps. Nava Certus now supports migration between two Google Apps for Business Domains.
  • Personal (Gmail/Google Apps) data migration: With Nava Certus 1.1, we also support migration from personal Google Apps accounts.
  • Data of departing employees: Many organizations have departing employees that have accumulated a large amount of files in Google Drive. It is now possible for a Google Apps admin to selectively migrate only certain parts of the departing user’s Google Drive hierarchy. Additionally, you are able to review your migrated data (at the destination) without modifying any documents at the source.
  • Google Drive to Amazon S3 migration: With the Google Drive source feature, we now support migration of data from Google Drive to Amazon S3, while migrating permissions.

File Conversion

When migrating to Google Drive, some customers would like to have the ability to convert documents, such as MS Word, Excel, and so forth to Google Docs format. We’re enabling this feature in 1.1 and allow you granular file conversion settings.

In addition to the new features, we also fixed a number of bugs.

As before, Nava Certus is available for free for evaluation purposes.