Nava Certus released


by Lusine Kolozyan


The latest version ( of Nava Certus is available for download starting today. With this release, we’re making minor but visible improvements to product functionality. Continue reading below for more info…

  • Default User (Distributed): For distributed migrations, a new default user allows the migration of all un-mapped files to a single user. All files, whose owners are not found in the mapping file, will be migrated to the Google Drive account of the default user.
  • Modification Time: Nava Certus now supports a “modification time” retention. Controlled by a configuration setting, this feature allows for migrated files to have the same modification time as the source file.

Have you tried Nava Certus yet? If not, then take advantage of the 1GB free trial, download your copy today.

We’d also like to let you know that he introductory price of $4.99/GB is due to expire in the near future. Request a quote from us today to lock in your pricing.