There are now 10,000+ Google Apps resellers!


by Lusine Kolozyan


The Google Apps partner ecosystem is growing. If your company is in the Google Apps business, is enough being done to differentiate from other competitors? Continue reading to learn some ways that your firm can stand out by partnering with Nava Solutions.

Google Partners - Are you differentiating yourself?

Google Apps

Google Apps now has more than 10000 resellers! This was one of the major announcements stemming from the Google Enterprise Partner Summit, which took place in San Francisco last week. In addition to the sheer multitude of companies signing up as partners, more established technology vendors such as CDW have also joined in.

This is a terrific metric, representing more than 65% growth over a two year period. In July, 2012 this number was 6000.

We’d like to welcome all new partners that are incorporating Google Apps in their business strategy as it further solidifies Google Apps as a proven technology with the ability to power modern businesses. And while we couldn’t be happier for this news, the fact is that resellers now have more competitors and a differentiation strategy today is more important than ever.

Google’s channel partners may need to reinvent themselves and figure out how to provide additional value and a more robust set of services and products to their customers. As David Politis from Bettercloud mentions:

In the long term, as companies come to rely more on Google Apps, they’ll look to their resellers to provide a well-rounded all-cloud IT environment. As a reseller – really your customers’ “cloud advisor” – it’s your responsibility to shepherd them into this new IT landscape.

Many customers will have special requirements that surpass the basics of Google Apps. Some may require a website redesign, others may require a new CRM, yet others may have specific security requirements and concerns. The point is to understand your customer’s needs and help them to identify and implement the appropriate technologies.

There are many products out there that have great integration with Google Apps. The Google Apps Marketplace is a great place to being your search for products that are popular with users.

In this post, we’d like to offer our own solutions, as these products will surely differentiate you from your competition and help you migrate your customers to the cloud and help ensure their security.

Cloud Storage Migration

Nava Certus is a cloud storage migration solution supporting many sources and destinations. As of version 1.4, sources include: File server, Google Drive, Sharepoint, SkyDrive/OneDrive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. Destinations include: File server, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

Nava SIEM Agent facilitates the export of cloud audit logs. If the focus of your business is security, then use this solution to integrate Google Apps logs with a SIEM server and allow greater visibility into your customer’s threat landscape. Provide a “managed security” offering or help the customer integrate data into their own on-premise SIEM.

There are multiple ways to generate revenue by using our solutions. Lets take the example of Nava Certus:

  • Reseller margin from sale of Nava Certus license
  • Bundle-in your own migration services.
  • As a result your customers use Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage which you sell to them.

For more information, check out the presentation below.