Cloud Security

Nava Solutions considers cloud security as its highest priority. Software architectures are designed and built having requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations in mind. Such approach enables us to provide solutions which assists our customers to securely scale to the cloud, empowering further innovation and value creation.


As security becomes a shared responsibility in the cloud, it is of great importance to understand the security model your cloud provider is offering, and what you need to do for having your assets secure and maintain compliance. At Nava Solutions we work toward enabling you to focus on value creation resting assured that solutions which we provide are compliant with general regulatory requirements, such as GDPR.

Coming from a highly regulated industry such as banking and finance, government, insurance or healthcare? We are eager to discuss your industry specific compliance requirements, and provide solutions which will be targeted to your specific needs.

Your trust is Nava Solution`s most vital asset, and thus our all solutions and processes are engineered following trusted-by-design approach. We always are open and transparent in how we use and secure customer data.

Accenture paper about trust and trusted-by design.


Cloud technologies acting as a driver for next industrial revolution, has evolved from being a market disruptor, and transformed to an expected approach, mainly due to provided flexibility, disaster recovery and low maintainability costs. Meanwhile data security and privacy remain as major strategic challenges for industries hindering them from moving to cloud.

At Nava Solutions, our mission is to simplify our partners journey to the cloud, enabling them to capitalize on advantages which cloud offers and worry less about its challenges. We are proud to serve our customer base, which is comprised of large enterprises and SME`s from North America, Asia, Europe, operating in consulting, retail, and education industries.