Cloud Migration

We provide cloud migration solutions, enabling enterprises to:

Agility, speed and lower maintenance costs are always among the top migration drivers. Cloud computing enables you to spin up thousands of customized tailored servers in minutes whenever needed. Another advantage is that Instead of going through complicated and time consuming procurement process, you pay for the services and resources that you use on the go. Today cloud computing provides nearly everything from quantum computing, storage, and databases to continuous integration, data analytics, and artificial intelligence - at your fingertips. Such powerful resources enables you to tremendously reduce the timeframe for going from idea to implementation.

Challenges in Migration to Cloud

While cloud computing services are easy to obtain, they become more valuable when necessary data is made available by uploading and making it accessible to the enormous cloud power. When migrating data to the cloud, there are various strategic decisions which needs to be considered and concerns to be addressed, including:

  • Cloud infrastructure type, whether it should be private cloud, public or a hybrid one, or it should be multi cloud platform infrastructure.
  • Strategy for migrating data from legacy on premise infrastructure and how to calculate the cost of migration.
  • Risk of vendor lock-in as each cloud infrastructure provider has proprietary technologies.
  • Availability risks, in case if a cloud vendor goes down
  • Data privacy and security.

What we offer

Working tirelessly toward enabling our clients to harness the full advantage of the cloud power, at Nava Solutions, we offer tailored migration solutions which are able to meet your needs no matter if you are considering to start small to test the waters, or you are ready to take it all to the cloud.

We provide cloud migration solutions, enabling enterprises to:

  • Transfer data and applications from a local, on-premises infrastructure to public, private or hybrid clouds.
  • Moving data and applications from one cloud platform or provider to another – cloud-to-cloud migration.
  • Data synchronization between source and destination (enhancing business continuity and disaster recovery).

Our extensive experience and fully customizable solutions help enterprises overcome challenges which are commonly faced during cloud migration. We take a holistic approach in addressing data portability, integrity and security during the transfer, ensuring that your data remains secure, maintains integrity, and that no one will have access to your data during the migration, using secure connections and industry verified encryption algorithms.