Nava Certus now supports migration to AODocs (beta)


by Lusine Kolozyan


Here is a more complete list of changes in Nava Certus 1.5:

With Nava Certus, cloud storage migration has never been easier. Today, we’re expanding our features to include another migration target, AODocs a document management solution for Google Apps.

While the functionality is still in Beta and we’re actively testing and getting this version ready for shipment, you are welcome to contact us and we’ll be happy to give you an advance version to test.

  • Migration to AODocs
  • File size filter
  • Job conversion and upgrade support

With version 1.5, we will be supporting nearly 35 unique migrations.

X = regular migration, P = migration with permission support, D = distributed migration, C = conversion


How does the migration to AODocs work?

We’ve put a lot of time and thought into supporting the AODocs functionality. To begin with, all of the sources currently available in the product are also supported for migration to AODocs. For instance, if you are a Google Apps reseller, you can now win more Microsoft customers by offering to migrate the customer’s data from Sharepoint to AODocs or from SkyDrive/OneDrive to AODocs.

Not only will you be able to migrate to AODocs, but in some cases, you may be interested in sending very large files somewhere else. For the AODocs destination, we now support a secondary Google Cloud Storage location. Files smaller or equal to a certain size will go to AODocs (which is actually built on top of Google Drive). Files greater than the configured size filter will be sent to Google Cloud Storage.

Size filter for Google Drive

Many customers frequently want to remove extremely large files prior to the migration. With version 1.5, you’ll be able to skip migration of files larger than a certain size.

Job conversion

Beginning with NC 1.5, we will now support conversion of jobs from previous versions. This will ensure that you’re able to benefit from functionality of new releases, since you’ll be able to automatically convert your job and continue your migration.

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