Nava Certus Enhanced SharePoint and Google Shared/Team Drives Support


by Lusine Kolozyan


Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the newest version of Nava Certus bringing enhanced support for Google Shared Drives, Microsoft OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. We always keep updating our products to ensure providing solutions tailored to your needs, and Nava Certus 2.4 is now officially available for download, plus you get to migrate your first 20GB free of charge as part of a 5-day evaluation.

Google Shared Drives Shared drives in Google Drive can be used to store, search, and access files with a team (group of collaborators). A Shared Drive belongs to the team instead of an individual, and if a team member leaves, files remain as is, thus everyone can continue sharing information and work anywhere, from any device, collaborating and focusing on value creation. Bellow you may find the 4 most important reasons for using Shared Drives (aka Team Drives): Team Drives makes onboarding new hires easier. Files stay in Team Drives even if team members leave. It’s easy to manage and share permissions for employees and admins. Team Drives uses machine learning to help you find files. More details on why to use Shared Drives can be found here here.

SharePoint and OneDrive

Graph API, it became more robust solution than ever before for performing SharePoint-related tasks, including: Migration to One Drive for Business from a local file-server. Move all your data to OneDrive for Business (part of SharePoint) or personal. Save both time and money by eliminating the need for a file server. Migration between two SharePoint instances. If you have a new SharePoint deployment and would like an easy way to migrate your data, then give Nava Certus a try. Office 365 migrations made easier. If your customer wishes to adopt Office 365, Nava Certus can help by migrating content to Microsoft OneDrive (both business and personal). Improved migration performance and reliability. Manage migration projects. Nava Certus’ reporting allows you to easily produce reports (final and progress reports) on the status of your migration. We have also partnered with Microsoft to push supporting Office365 and SharePoint even further.

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Download the latest version of Nava Certus here.